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Under-Promise and Over-Deliver: Getting the “Up To” out of Broadband

No up to in broadband

In my first college course in marketing, we talked extensively about the catchphrase: “under-promise and over-deliver.” Setting correct expectations with consumers is vital to happy customers, positive reviews and word-of-mouth sales.  As a result, I’ve always known the telecom industry’s tendency to advertise broadband speeds at the upper limit of what’s available creates problems.  Rather than setting ourselves up to succeed, we set ourselves up to fail. The result is just what you would expect:… Read more »

Getting DSL to 40Mbps and Faster While We Build an All-Fiber Network

40Mbps Home DSL

The copper telephone network has had a long and productive life, but its days are numbered. Landline phones are at long last going the way of the telegraph, and DSL technology’s ability to squeeze more bandwidth out of a phone line is nearing its limit. More and more, companies like ours are investing in Fiber-To-The-Premise (FTTP) in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for bandwidth.  Trouble is, building an all-fiber network will… Read more »

Broadband and Economic Development: Important, But There’s So Much More

Growing Local Business

The Philosophy of Broadband and Economic Development We continually hear about the importance of broadband and economic development in Maine and just about everywhere else.  From the OTT perspective, reliable broadband is the key, but as important as connectivity is, other factors come into play. In New Gloucester, Maine, where the OTT corporate offices are located, the Gray – New Gloucester Development Corporation is helping the economic development cause in its own way.  OTT has… Read more »