Regional Broadband Approaches: Achieving Scale with Community Networks

Fiber Town

More and more, communities are considering the possibility of building publicly-owned broadband infrastructure.  In the process, some are finding that regional broadband approaches offer economies of scale and other benefits. It can be difficult for multiple communities to work together while competing for resources and economic opportunity, but a handful of groups are making the attempt to build regional broadband networks in New England. The Benefits of Regionalizaton in Broadband Regional broadband approaches provide many benefits… Read more »

Fiber to the Premise in Leverett, MA Offers an Excellent Public Private Partnership Model

We have been talking about Municipalities and their desire to have reliable broadband and fiber to the premise for their communities for quite some time now.  Since every community is unique, there is no clear-cut model of what a municipally initiated fiber network should look like.  There are different examples all across the country. Most recently, we talked about our new relationship with Leverett, MA.  Having become very well acquainted with the Leverett model, we’d… Read more »

Massachusetts’ Hilltowns are Taking Control of Last-Mile Broadband

MassBroadband 123 and underserved Hilltowns

Too small for investment by the cable companies and virtually abandoned by the area’s dominant telephone company, rural communities in Western Massachusetts are taking last-mile broadband matters into their own hands.  Luckily, they’re aided by rigorous investment from State Government and a strong middle-mile network. They also have a handful of very compelling service models to build on. Late last year, we were fortunate to be chosen to provide Internet and phone services to the… Read more »

Business Internet Speed:
How Much Do I Need?

business internet-speed

Business Internet speed requirements are different for every business. Paying for more than your business needs is like washing your car with a fire-hose.  In contrast, skimping on speed to save money is worse.  If you’re smart you don’t use a garden hose to fight a fire. When we wash our cars, we could use a fire-hose, but that would be overkill. Most of us use a garden hose, which generally does the trick.  Conversely,… Read more »

Telecommuting and Working Remotely: Keeps the Wheels of Commerce and Business Turning in Maine


Telecommuting has almost become a way of life for some of us in the past weeks.  Mother Nature has been seeing to that.  In fact, when I began writing this post, I was working from my home office since the OTT New England offices were closed on Monday due to the expected blizzard conditions.  Operationally, a skeleton screw of customer care staff was able to monitor incoming customer calls and address those that needed immediate… Read more »