ALERT -- GMA TV Subscribers


June 20 Update:

A new revision of GMA Video has just been pushed which has updated guide functionality (channel listing).  A Roku box will automatically update with the new app within the next 24 hours or you can force an update (from the home screen, select system, system update, and check now).

To access the guide, you can use the up or down arrows on the Roku remote which will pop the list of channels horizontally across the screen.  You can then use the left / right arrows to scroll through the list of channels and see what’s currently playing and what’s on next.  The current time is also displayed.  We are working on some additional functionality that we should see over the next few weeks.


June 16 Update

After some thorough testing, we are happy to announce that we have found a solution for the GMA Video freezing issue. We have tested it on multiple Roku devices and they have all remained stable. We will roll out the fix as an update that should happen automatically on your Roku device.

As a result of the update, there will be a change in the channel list functionality. In the current version of the GMA Video application, the channel list can be accessed by pressing the star (asterisk) key on your Roku remote. After the update, the channel list will be accessed by pressing the up arrow on your Roku remote. The channel list will appear across the bottom of your TV screen. The right/left arrow keys on your Roku remote will allow you to navigate through the channel list, and the “OK” button will still select and change the channel as it always has.

If you need additional assistance please call 877-643-6246, option 1.