IoT Applications

A woman uses the Internet of Things at work,

The Internet of Things has the potential to change the way we all do business.

Many Businesses are Either Making or Saving Money with IoT Applications and Devices

Last time, we provided an overview of what the Internet of Things is and its amazing growth.  Now, a look at how these solutions can benefit everyone – not just investors in the industry itself.

Retail: Smart shelf technology is also here!  Pick up an item from a supermarket shelf, next thing you know, you get a coupon encouraging you to buy that item. Maybe you walk past an item that you normally buy, next thing you know you get a text message reminding you that you may have forgotten your Wheaties.

Aviation:  GE has developed a device to gather information from airplane engines in flight to compile the data and provide information on wear and tear, engine efficiency, and numerous other factors that will help to keep planes better maintained and running efficiently – not to mention enhance passenger safety.

Home Entertainment:  Imagine that your TV/Internet provider can hear you conversing in your living-room at night, and then send ads tailored to your conversation to your television or other smart devices.  The technology exists and patents are being considered right now.

Municipal IoT Applications are Becoming More Common

Boston, New York, and Chicago

Boston is employing several IoT devices to increase efficiency and quality of life.  Solar powered trash cans notify public works when they need to be emptied, another solar-powered device monitors air quality and noise level and reports it to the health department AND offers banks of USB charging ports for park goers.  A Wi-Fi system gives citizens easy access to report potholes and other hazards directly to the city as well.

Both NYC and Chicago are model cities where wireless technology and traffic control are concerned, and New York is using smart technology to manage street lighting.

Consumer IoT Applications

Activity trackers and smartwatches barely scratch the surface of what’s available today.  Smart plugs, bulbs, and appliances include everything from camera/doorbells to coffee makers that will let you know you’re running low on joe. Wearables for children track activity, allow for 2-way communication, and provide GPS tracking.  Smart baby monitoring sends information to your smartphone anywhere in the world – just in case you and your baby are in two different hemispheres.  Smart earbuds offer activity tracking, provide a stand-alone source of music, and connect to your smartphone for communication.

There is no question that the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way we live.  I hesitate to say that these devices are time savers, because that’s what the electric clothes washer, toaster, and dishwasher were supposed to do, and we STILL don’t have enough time.  What is sure is that we’ll be connected in ways we never thought possible, and with that connectivity comes the issues of security and privacy.

That’s a topic for next week.